Monday, October 5, 2020

Use A Soy Free Meat Substitute, That You Already Have!


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     When newly removing meat or lessening it out of your diet, it can be easy to buy the latest meat substitute. Many taste good but may have to much sodium, soy, coloring and more that may not agree with your health. I found out I have a soy sensitivity so I stop trying many brands, which in turn saved me money because many are not cheap! So then I realized my beans need to be thrown in where I would put meat, the top picture shows pasta that could of had hamburger in it, instead now it has seasoned Chickpeas! (Video on YouTube 10/6/20 afternoon)  Now with the bottom picture traditionally I would of put a steak or pork chop with onions and tomatoes 🍅 on top, now seasoned Chickpeas are the star! This method applies to ALL your favorite beans, the key is use the same or similar seasoning you would of used on the meat for the beans! So steak seasoning, poultry seasoning use it and beans are staples so they are more than likely already in your cabinet so savings all around. Happy Eating! Now on to the next blog post, 

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