Thursday, March 31, 2022

How Are You Progressing? 

     I ask that question because we are finishing the first quarter of the year soon and it’s time to check in! I’ll go first😂 ! When it comes to cooking and eating healthy for my body and situation I feel a little stagnant. Last summer needed to increase protein, so I did, this year more iron increasing foods less protein, I feel like I am about to head to green juices, protein shakes and just one solid meal 🤔 that’s just the frustration of stagnation talking 🤣 Nevertheless I am still progressing, digging in deeper to how I feel before and after meals which is playing heavily on my digestion.  Some positives I know for sure, water and being gluten free regularly is best for me…not easy this year because of dealing with different stresses I crave sweet bread items, but I am still progressing! 

So no matter what, the idea stays the same, find a way to progress! Study, learn and live it, whatever it may be on your health journey so you can be your best happiest self, Happy Eating! 

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Always, Crystal 

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