Thursday, April 29, 2021

Looking for a new Noodle, here it is! 

     It’s zucchini spirals to the noodle rescue! Yes these are not new by any means but I recently in the past year have gotten into them. In the past month I was shopping at Aldi (my favorite grocery store) and seen them for the first time there and had to buy a few boxes! I enjoy these because it replaces noodles especially for gluten free eaters or if you want a change in your meals. I mixed mine with a variety of vegetables and seasonings. 

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Now on to the next blog post, later Crystal.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Oatmeal Cookies the Easy way! 

     Recently I wanted some oatmeal cookies and it occurred to me that it may be possible to use instant oatmeal that I would use for breakfast as the cookie mix! Well of course I immediately got one with chocolate in it and on my griddle made these delicious oatmeal cookies so fast that it’s a regular habit now.

     So watch how I did this so you can enjoy simple delicious cookies in a short amount of time, just click the link above to my YouTube video and subscribe to catch the weekly videos, Happy Eating!

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Later, Crystal 

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