Monday, February 21, 2022

Treat Yourself! 

     How has your February 2022 been treating you? I feel like winter blues hit me this winter for the first time in a while, so I did some thorough self care! Then I got to cooking and shopping too! I have been wanting some maple syrup for a while but have you seen the price!?!? I am a frugal spender 🤑 so I would just look 👀 and walk by, but this time I said, “ You deserve to treat yourself! “ So here is my new best friend, as you can clearly see the bottle is not full😂 Definitely watch the grocery haul in the link above!  I am committed to small changes in eating better and regular syrup just is not cutting it anymore. So I encourage you all on your health journey, take time to read labels, if you can not pronounce it, ask is it good for me? Then google it for details! You got one body 🥰 LOVE IT, Happy Eating! 

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Always, Crystal

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