Monday, August 23, 2021

Have You Bought Groceries Here? 

     Where did I get all this delicious goodies from? Dollar Tree! Yes that’s what I said, Dollar Tree they have frozen food that is also healthy!!! These times are getting difficult for many and this is another place that you can pick up some tasty items for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Check out my YouTube channel link above to see what all I bought, Happy Eating! 

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Later, Crystal 

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

August Green Juice Reset! Have you did it?

     Healthy body, healthy mind right? Every month I get in a green drink, and recently daily I am drinking about a half cup. So can I say it makes a difference in my life? Yes and no! Last month I got lazy and bought bottled green juice and I did have a bit more energy but… that’s about it and I was looking for something more. The last two weeks I went back to making my own ( go to my link above for this month’s juice) and by day 5-6 I could tell my overall was better but… I have also been doing more stretching! So YES I think the green juice because it’s raw along with some kind of movement is a great combination to improve your healthy mind and body, Happy Eating!

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Later, Crystal 

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