Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Quinoa What To Do With It? Well...


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     When deciding to buy and cook with quinoa, to me there are some things one should know... start with the cheap box flavored mixes. Usually they are already seasoned, the directions are clear and these are a decent price. If after trying some of these you like it 😂 and decide to go for the gusto and buy a bag of plain quinoa here’s my suggestions for newer cooks. 

1) Get the tiniest strainer you can find because you will lose too much quinoa when you rinse it and it’s  not cheap. 

2) Be patient and follow the directions. If the water is not soaking up you put to much in it.

3) Season it like anything else you season! In this dish pictured, I used Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Ground Pepper, Olive Oil,Oregano and Onion Powder.

4) Use it as a side dish like the picture or make it an entree by adding vegetables, beans and so on. I treat my quinoa like rice, so whatever I would do with rice I replace with quinoa. 

Enjoy your quinoa! Happy Eating!

Now on to the next blog post...

Later, Crystal 

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