Wednesday, February 12, 2020

On Those Blah Blah Days This Is What I Choose

     If your on my Instagram @clynnsart you know I usually post on #tastytuesday but yesterday I woke up just Blah Blah! So I chose applesauce, which is definitely a childhood favorite, green tea, which is almost an every day staple and a spoonful of cashew butter? Literally I asked why are my tastebuds trippin, but I have learned to listen to my body so I did! Then even at lunch, I still was not really hungry so I chose something simple (post on IG as well) . The point of this post is for dinner my appetite was back I cooked a balanced meal and the Blah Blah was gone! I do feel it’s important to listen to your bodies needs as long as it’s not putting you in danger, here and there my body will need a break from digesting heavier foods or food in general and when the later happens then I juice all day. Do you listen to your body regularly or just when it’s convenient? Comment! 

Until the next post, Crystal

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