Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Simple and Filling! Crispy and Tender Brussels Sprouts

     Sometimes I just feel like I need a little crisp in my life, and on this day I chose to enjoy some Brussels Sprouts with a crisp and tender taste. This is what I did:

1) I took one bag of frozen Brussels Sprouts washed them, then cut in halves set to the side.
2) Got out a medium pan, turned stove eye to medium heat, poured 3 tablespoons of Canola Oil (use what works for you)
3) I poured the cut halves of the Brussels Sprouts in the pan, turning the flat side to the pan floor. This will allow the inside to heat quicker and brown faster.
4) I add Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper, then listen for the crackling sounds then I pick up individual ones to checks for desired color this varies in time but usually between 2-4 minutes.
5) All get flipped and cooked for another 1-2 minutes softly stirring as the Brussels Sprouts are now beginning to stick that’s fine with me it adds to the flavor.
6) Check for desired color, crispness and tenderness, then turn heat off, remove from the stove eye to stop cooking process completely. 
7)Time to plate! Most importantly it’s time to eat!

     I ate some as a snack, then ate the rest as part of a meal, they turned out great! The video is on Instagram @clynnsart and YouTube at C.LynnsArt of Cooking, check them out and Happy Eating! 

On to the next blog post, 
Later, Crystal 

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