Thursday, January 2, 2020

Trying not to Waste Food leads to Creativity on this Lunch Plate.

     Trying not to be wasteful can be hard but I do strive to do it. I used to have a freezer full of baggies of leftovers that at the end of the day, month and year most of the time did not get eaten. Do you or have you found yourself in the freezer bag cycle? Well I can say at this point I am free from that sad wasteful cycle! How did I do it? I cook smaller meals. 2) If the meals for the day do not get eaten by bedtime they go in the refrigerator not the freezer. 3) Within 2-3 days a mixed plate is made of all leftovers to be eaten or leftovers are added to new meal for the day. Now there are times 1-2 times a month a small portion of food has got overlooked or it is just not desirable anymore and is wasted that is usually around the 5-6 day mark.

     This is what one of my mixed plates can look like. That morning I had boiled eggs for breakfast, by lunch I wanted some fries, as I had cut them out of my life for a while and have been working them back in. Then wondering what protein to add I had the egg from breakfast still left and added it to the plate. For those on Instagram I left you wandering what were those seasonings I used so here is the layout...

     Hand slice fries, rinse under water pat dry put in preheated oil usually on medium to medium high depending on stove or fryer used. 2)When golden brown to your liking turn off stove or fryer, take out put on paper towel to drain excess oil off then transfer to plate. 3) Time to season! Get Himalayan  Pink Salt, Black Ground Pepper, Onion Powder and the plot twist.... Dried OREGANO! WHAT!?  Then Ketchup of course. 4) Peel and slice egg and EAT!  Now for a first timer using oregano this way I would recommend putting the ketchup all over the top of the fries so the different taste does not catch you off guard ( I am laughing thinking of one of my early times getting caught off guard). If you try this tag me @clynnsart now on to the next blog post.

Later, Crystal

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