Friday, January 3, 2020

Don’t be Scared of Brussels Sprouts, here’s Why!

   Video is on YouTube: C.LynnsArt of Cooking:  Have you noticed Brussels Sprouts can tend to get a bad wrap for whatever reason? At one time I even stayed away because of the hype. Then I said let’s see what they are really about these mini cabbage look a likes! I came to find out like most vegetables they just NEED seasoning and don’t let them get mushy unless you like that. So for those on Instagram that wanted to know the answer to my question of why did I sauté the onions with the Brussels Sprouts and not alone like most of my videos? They get more flavor being cooked with the onions, oil and seasonings then adding them at the end. Also I cut them in half to allow flavor to soak in better as well. Then because I do not like my tomatoes over cooked, they get put in at just about the end of the Brussels Sprouts and onions being done just to warm through. Here are the details:

1)With frozen Brussels Sprouts take out a bowl full wash under water, cut in halves.
2)Wash and cut a half of an onion or more depending on your liking.
3) Wash and dice up some tomatoes however many you want. (10-15 or less minutes prep if your not steady with a knife or talking on phone at the same time)

Cooking:(20-30 minutes or less depends on how frozen veggies are, how brown do you want it)
1) Put your skillet on medium heat, pour about 1/4 cup of oil you need enough to coat the skillet
2) Put in Brussels Sprouts and onions try to lay Brussels Sprouts on flat cut side
3) Shake Pink Himalayan  Salt ( that’s my everyday salt use your salt) and black pepper all over about 2 seconds of each worth.
4) Watch for browning then stir and flip everything around then season some more, if vegetables are sticking to skillet add more oil (about 2 tablespoons) and slightly lower the heat.
5) When onions are golden and Brussels Sprouts have some browning and not cold inside ( so take a fork get a big one slice it in half is it cold, warm, or hot?) now throw in your tomatoes add more seasoning and stir all together.
6) Let the tomatoes slightly soften then cut off heat cover with top.
7) Meal will continue to cook so I eat this right away and I have the plates on the counter ready to serve otherwise mushy vegetables will begin and I do not like that! Also remove from its place so it can stop heating as quick if you don’t plan on eating within 10-15 minutes.

May sound like a lot but it’s not preparation is key along with confidence and keeping an eye on it so it does not burn! Happy cooking, on to the next blog post.

Later, Crystal

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