Friday, January 3, 2020

Salmon is on the Menu for this One Skillet Lunch / Dinner Meal

    Salmon when cooked just the way you like can make you feel like your kitchen is a fine dining establishment! At least to me! So that means just like with most of my meals I need my Onions and some kind of colorfulness which in this meal is broccoli. All of this is done in one skillet here are the details:

Prep: (3hours - 20 minutes depends on how thick, frozen your Salmon are)

1) Take out Salmon the day before if you can leave in fridge, I usually don’t but it makes it quicker to start cooking. I usually take my  Salmon out 1/2 hour before I plan on cooking it, it comes individually wrapped so I keep them (2) in wrapping, put in pot of cold water and let sit for 15 minutes then flip it, remove any ice chunks in water that formed add more water let sit till it is soft to touch. That’s usually another 15 minutes.
2) While waiting for fish to thaw, I wash and cut 1 onion, now I have been prepping onions like this every few days and keeping them in a storage container since I eat them almost daily, so this step depends on the day.
3) Get out frozen broccoli, take half of the bag (about 2 good handfuls) and wash under water.
4) Pull out seasonings, Himalayan Pink salt and ground black pepper.

Cooking:(20-40 minutes if no mistakes, distractions, fish is actually thawed thoroughly)

1) Take Salmon, take it out of the water, take out plastic wrapping, use water to wash it, put it on a plate and pat dry softly with paper towels. Add seasonings, Himalayan Pink salt and ground black pepper to both sides about 2 seconds worth. Set to the side, wash hands.
2)Take large skillet coat with oil (1/4-1/2 cup of oil depending on size) turn on medium - medium high heat.
3)Watch the pan, count 30 seconds, do you see a slight waviness to the oil? Yes then lay both pieces of Salmon in, it should give a sizzling sound. If no waviness, proceed anyway and turn heat slightly higher after sizzling starts getting rapid turn heat back down to original position.
4) When whiteness has come through Salmon (kinda looks like white fluff) and edges are slightly brown it is time to flip it to the other side, slide them to one side of the skillet and if sticking add a few tablespoons of oil to pan.
5) Now add onions to skillet and seasonings, turn skillet down to low medium heat cook 1 minute stirring onions in there spot.
6)Add broccoli on top onions, stir together and flip Salmon back to original side and cover skillet for 1 1/2-2 minutes if pan looks dry add 2-3 tablespoons of water where it’s dry.
7) Salmon should be browned vegetables sautéed so meal is done time to plate and eat! Enjoy! On to the next blog post, later Crystal

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