Friday, January 10, 2020

I Like to be Untraditional with My Favorite Fish!

     Many times when fried fish is served at restaurants it tends to be cod, white fish, bass, catfish and some others but why not Salmon? Oh yes! I said Salmon! I feel at this time in my life Salmon is my favorite fish to eat when I do eat fish( sorry catfish, out with the old in with the new). I feel Salmon is not fried because it tends to be soft and can fall apart easily, but I have found a way! I mean really, I had to I was getting tired of it sautéed in the skillet. So what’s the key to a great fried salmon that does not fall apart? Buy the Salmon fillets with the skin. Now this may not be a huge deal for you but I don’t like the skin on any fish so I would normally buy skinless fillets. Only buy accident did the wrong one get picked up, and at first I was like what am I going to do take the skin off every time I cook this? No, that’s not keeping it simple which I am all about. So first time when I sautéed it like normal I did skin side down first, letting it get crispy then flipped it to finish cooking. Then I was able to just peel the skin off, it was great! Then I wanted some fried food, but I only had Salmon, so using my Bob’s Red Mill Stone Ground Garbanzo Bean Gluten Free Flour, seasonings and water the top picture was created. That fish held up amazingly well! Then days later I wanted to try it in tacos, so the second picture was created.

     What did I learn from this experience with my Favorite Fish Salmon? Living in the box makes you square. Trying new things can be rewarding. Just because it’s not talked about or advertised does not mean it is a bad idea and lastly you can miss out on great moments when you don’t switch things up! Who knew cooking this, then writing about it would give me a psychological feeling. If you cook this let me know in the comments, happy cooking and on to the next blog post,

Always Crystal

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