Monday, July 20, 2020

Being Consistent Brings...

                                                        Be what...
                         Be who...
                                                                                 Why you say that?

     Be Consistent, Be Consistent, Be CON SIS TENT! I am stressing this because learning to be consistent, weather in cooking, working, hobbies or relationships, it will bring a measure of peace to your life. Consistency brings a reliable expectation to the situation at hand, for instance, if you meal plan, you know what your breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe even snacks are going to consist of so when you are ready to eat or cook, you can easily and stress free do so. The same with meal times, I schedule my meal times in 2-3 hour blocks so with in that time I need to prep, cook and eat, so I can move on to whatever else. It may seem a little lengthy but it allows for pictures, posts IG @clynnsart videos and such so it works for me. Being consistent will allow for clarity and focus to be put on things you been wanting to do but can not FIND THE TIME to do it. So simple put consistency calls for a planner, a schedule, calendar, a routine! It is really an organizing of your priorities, so you can take care of you and your health by eating regular healthy meals, exercising and getting your rest.

     Yes being consistent brings self care to your life!

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Later, Crystal

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