Saturday, June 20, 2020

Switching Up Your Meals

     Sometimes breakfast can get a little mundane, boring or become routine. Why not take your regular breakfast items and switch them up? For instance with eggs, add vegetables, spices or a sauce on top. Same with cereal add fruit, nuts or change the flavor of the milk, there are plenty to choose from these days cashew, coconut, almond and the like. What about toast? There is no real reason toast should be plain there are quite a variety of jams, spreads, cheeses, jellies, butters and more to delight any palate complex or simple. The same applies to lunch and dinner meals.

     Today that is what I chose to do. I eat simple filling meals,  I try to get enough vitamins and minerals throughout the day, through what I eat. I wanted a little protein but also something sweet. I got applesauce to fill my bowl, them chopped walnuts and added cinnamon on top. It was just what I needed! 

     Comment below how do you switch up your meals from time to time? 

     Now on to the next blog post! Always, Crystal

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