Thursday, April 2, 2020

Homemade Microwave Meal-Gluten Free Elbow pasta with Broccoli and Onions

     This is another great simple and filling meal that can be ready in about 10 minutes! As I mentioned before I am looking at microwave meals from scratch as a quick healthy option using items I already would of used for the stove top. This is the details for Gluten Free Elbow Pasta with Broccoli and Onions.

1) I used Ronzoni Gluten Free Elbow Pasta because it was on sale at Kroger. I got a handful to put in the glass bowl this probably measured a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pasta.

2) Cover pasta with water until it reaches a 1/4 of an inch above all the pasta. 

3) Then take frozen broccoli, I got the Kroger brand, a handful amount and rinse under water. Then add to pasta. 

4) I usually precut onions regularly so I took a 1/4 cup of onions raw and put them in pasta and broccoli. 4a) Add seasonings. I used Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Ground Pepper and Oregano, 2-3 shakes each, go according to your taste.

5) Put in the microwave on medium high to high depending upon power of your microwave, and set for 6 minutes. It will be HOT so use a oven mitt or towel to help pull it out, stir around briefly then test pasta if to your liking, eat! If not soft enough add a little more warm water if water has went under pasta level, then put back in microwave for 3 minutes at same temperature. 

6) Time to eat! Take out pasta dish with a oven mitt or towel, stir, plate it up and ENJOY!

This can vary in time but ultimately it is still quicker than the stove top way and that’s what I was going for! So on to my next meal project and on to the next blog post. 

Later, Crystal 

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