Tuesday, October 26, 2021

When Buying Clearance…


     I so enjoy getting a good price on food! I just feel so warm and fuzzy like being wrapped in flannel 😂 when it comes to clearance food! So here are a few tips I look for to get a good deal:

1) Price ratio. What is the original price compared to the clearance price? For me it needs to be at least a .30 cent discount or more before I go to step 2

2) Quality Check. Does the quality of the product have enough “life” in it that I either 1) need to cook it the same day or 2) I can freeze it or at minimum eat it in a week and it’s still fresh. 

3)Category. Is this deal an item I like, am trying new, need or just can’t resist the discount? Asking this question is almost more important than anything, because it’s very easy to get caught up in a discount more than you may want or need a product. 

The key is to get great items at good prices to save money yet enjoy the food too, Happy Eating! 

Now on to the next blog post…

Later, Crystal 

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