Monday, July 26, 2021

Have You Tried This Nut Butter?

     For a change I went to Sprouts Farmers Market! I only needed a few things and as I passed by noticed it was not busy so figured it was the best time to shop and browse around. My agenda was simple get this, get that and my usual almond butter. I had downloaded the app and had a coupon, so I thought I would get a deal, well, the brand was to high for my liking so the search was on! What kind of almond butter should I get… Well it ended up to be none, I didn’t like any of the prices ( thus probably why I had not been back in awhile). Nevertheless, something yellow and cheaper caught my eye… Sprouts has there own nut butter in what? Sunflower! Never heard anyone talk about this or knew it existed! So then I had to try to remember when was the last time I even ate sunflower seeds? If this is nasty can I take eating it anyway with my no waste, or very little waste self imposed policy? It was a concerning moment seeing late work traffic was building and I was not going to another store! So….

     I bought it! Now first taste took me back, it had a layer of separated oil that I think I didn’t mix well so it was a strong flavor. So I mixed it more, then it tasted just like sunflower seeds a little salty and sweet. It blends very well for those who like grape jelly/jam! So it’s a buy for me, and check out the rest of the mini grocery haul by clicking the link above, Happy Eating!

( I showed the bottom for those coming from my YouTube channel C.LynnsArt of Cooking so they would need to read to know the nut butter 😉)

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