Wednesday, June 9, 2021

What’s the Sauce?!


     Beans and rice! It’s simple and delicious and depending on the bean can be time consuming. That’s why my beans and rice are what I call untraditional! As many know, I love lentils for healthy eating, and they are the near perfect quick cooking bean I have found, you don’t even have to soak them! Only thing I noticed is that they will soak up all the water! Then what to do? Make a sauce or use your favorite! So for all who came from Instagram @clynnsart (follow) wanting to know what is the sauce... Pasta Sauce! Yes it’s not just for noodles ๐Ÿ! As I have shared before here and on my YouTube channel C.LynnsArt of Cooking (subscribe) tomato pasta sauce can add so much flavor to your meals and it’s also easy to make from scratch. 

     Simple Eaters don’t allow stress and lack of time to prevent you from eating healthy! By keeping a jar of this, a frozen bag of that, a box full of this in your cabinet or refrigerator you can eat quickly and healthy, Happy Eating! 

Now on to the next blog post...

Later, Crystal 

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